This magazine, made as a spoof of the New Yorker, targets Reilly's audience which is primarily the conservative demographic of New Orleans. The New Orleanian is 24 pages long with a 4 page spread featuring an article written by Ignatius Reilly titled, "Stop the Freakshow." In this article, Reilly addresses the past, the present, and the future state of New Orleans. 

Political Poster

In political campaigning, branding and political strategy are synonymous. The purpose of this poster is to display a sense of power within Ignatius. People want a leader that they can trust will keep them safe. There is nothing subtle about the design of this poster. With the bold red and yellow lines, and Ignatius overlooking the city of New Orleans, there is a clear message of dominance being displayed. Ignatius Reilly will not back down from the rising crime in New Orleans.   

Bumper Stickers

This is a set of bumper stickers designed as part of the campaign for Ignatius Really. By keeping the designs simple and clear, these bumperstickers will be recognizable from a distance. The patriotic stripes bordering the first sticker highlight the fact that above all else Ignatius stands for his country. The second sticker's design illustrates the primary action that will be taken when Ignatius is elected- the criminals of New Orleans will be locked up.  


Like the bumper stickers, the primary purpose of these buttons is to be recognizable from a distance. The bone-y lettering of the first button highlights one important truth that Ignatius is highlighting throughout his campaign, that New Orleans is doomed if they continue to disregard the rising crime. Ignatius has become very recognizable partly due to his hunting hat that he has grown so attached to. The second button embraces this looks and uses it as part of Ignatius' branding. 


The first button of this pair highlights the handcuffs from Reilly's logo. By using handcuffs as a symbol of this campaign, it is evident that Reilly's main objective behind running for sheriff is to bring justice and safety to New Orleans. The last button uses the red stripes from Ignatius' poster to represent hope for a better tomorrow. 


This postcard is used to highlight the inevitable consequences of not voting for Reilly. Without a strong figure leading the police department, New Orleans will continue declining until the city becomes irreparable. 

The slogan "Our City Too" is used as a way to empower Reilly's primary audience and help them feel more connected to the city that they call home. Every citizen of New Orleans has the power to bring about change.    


The postcards were used as an opportunity to reach Reilly's audience with his message made as simple as possible. The first one, "Stop This Mess," is essentially the core message of Reilly's entire campaign. He is running for sheriff in order to stop the downward trajectory of New Orleans.  

Rally Sign

This is the rally sign to be used by his audience at all political gatherings. Its simple design and bold colors make it visible from a distance.